Diana's Story

Artist & Marketing pro

Diana Ries Is a marketing creative by day and multi-media artist in her spare time. In 2018 she began this mannequin series and has created 9 mannequins since then. Six in the series are painted and3 are mixed media. 

In 2019 the 1st mannequin was accepted as an art installation at Burning Man. Subsequent exhibitions include Saguaro Man Regional Burn in Arizona, South River Art Studio, U.Studio, and Banjo Lounge— all located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Additionally, she decorates furniture with acrylic “gems” and found objects as well as keepsake boxes.

Explains Diana, “When I am creating, I am in my happy place.”

2023 mannequin in progress

Creative Spirit

“I love being creative. When I am painting or working on my art, I am in my happy place.”